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sticky-institute:“The Comic Art Workshop is an...


The Comic Art Workshop is an artist-in-residence program for graphic storytellers. The program provides emerging artists in Australia and New Zealand with an opportunity to work alongside some of the world’s best cartoonists and comics educators.”

Apply here.

New For You

Life As Art - Full Graphic Novel by Michael Fikaris

‘Art as Life’ by M P Fikaris
“This comic book is a story comparing Arte Moris in East Timor to my own art community in Australia.
Arte Moris is a free art school in Dili, Timor Leste set up to help the people re-build after 25 years of war and conflict.”

READ the entire comic online at:




Comics Lifestyle Updates Announcing a new residency...

ambientyeast: Announcing a new residency for cartoonists. Two weeks on an island with 14 cartoonist, Tom Hart, Leela Corman, Liz MacFarlane and me. It’s like survivor but everyone is nice and can draw good. Carn.

squishfacestudio: Come hang out with us on Australia Day. I...


Come hang out with us on Australia Day.

I didn’t draw beer and sausages in the trifle because that’s a bit yuk.

There will be beer and sausages, though.

From 12pm. 26 Jan. 309 Victoria St, Brunswick.

2015 Ahoy

New Years’ graphic musings by Lark Pien. Check out her ‘Little Bird’ blog! image




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Are You Being Watched? On Patreon: Mugg Makes A Gookie

David Chelsea Is Reading: The Art of Forgery: The Minds, Motives and Methods of the Master Forgers by Noah Charney Once again, it’s time for another two-page installment of my new webcomic, ARE YOU BEING WATCHED?, which I have been serializing on the reader-supported site Patreon. Part Five concludes an expositional scene set in the […]

Are You Being Watched? On Patreon: The Devil’s Office

This week’s two page installment of my new webcomic ARE YOU BEING WATCHED? gives us our first glimpse of the devils’ office that Mugg goes to in order to sell his soul. I meant to give it a shabby look reminiscent of Jimmy/Saul’s cramped workspace on BETTER CALL SAUL, as well as the dingy linoleum […]

Third Thursday On Patreon: Mugg On The Move, And More Friends, Lovers & Family Envelopes

It’s the Third Thursday of the month, time to post Secret Stash material on Patreon, as well as two more pages of my new webcomic, ARE YOU BEING WATCHED? David Chelsea is reading: One Man Against the World: The Tragedy of Richard Nixon by Tim Weiner In this installment, Mugg is on his way to […]

Are You Being Watched? Times Two

David Chelsea is watching: The Casual Vacancy with Rory Kinnear The second Thursday of the month is when I post comics from the archive on Patreon, and today it’s part two of my 24 Hour Comic from 2013, ARE YOU BEING WATCHED? Additionally, today is also the day I post the second two-page installment of […]

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