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Free Comics Friday: It's a Kiwi Christmas! New Zealand Comics Sampler

Confessions of a Rookie Filmmaker

New comics from Q-Ray! Confessions of a Rookie Filmmaker #1 “An independent comic about independent film making.” “Starting with Super-8 film, Clint Cure examines his film making journey through video and the beginning of the digital age.” E-Comic version: … Continue reading

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Stockholm International Comics Festival 2014 -  Convention Report direct links: (Part 01) (Part 02) If you don't see the pictures, click on the Tumblr links.

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Arte Publiku

Via Michael P. Fikaris:

You love ART! You love FREEDOM! So get a load of this and help our ongoing project if you can my friends -

Michael has drawn an 80 page book of the collaboration (which you can get by contributing) to ” aise awareness and spirit of this humanitarian institution in East Timor. Please have a look and contribute what you can in the next 2 weeks for this first time Arts Festival - ARTE PUBLIKU

Stockholm International Comics Festival 2014 - Day One Convention Report (Part Two)

[ is coughing up blood, so I’ll resume my notes in a separate post. (Too many pictures!)]

The ‘Kulturhuset' is buzzing with comics folks of all persuasions. Overseas comics? Yep. Manga? Yep. Svensk Spandex? Panel on Uruguay comics? (Below) They’ve got it all. 


 I’m intrigued by the phone-book sized volumes of Mattias Elftorp, who’s not only created two tomes of “Piracy Is Liberation”; he’s actually *torrented* them to walk his talk. We talk on corporatization, brain jacks, cyberpunk nostalgia and hype around the ‘Pirate Party’.   

(I’m reminded of the quote I’d seen walking downstairs in the Kulturhuset: Reading rebels against the managed world of information & the chaotic world of data. Reading is meaning. Jeanette Weinterson, 2011. It doesn’t matter if you’re a programmer, a punk or a librarian, there are tools available for you to avoid being steered into someone else’s narrative.)

For a taste, check out Mattias’ collection of stories, ‘A Subtle Fuck You’. 

Hey, there’s a table full of Finns! (I’m part Finn though you’d never know it.) They’ve got all kinds of goodies to share, including a children’s anthology. I really enjoy seeing alternative and counterculture folks look to strengthen the next generation. (What, you’re  going to leave it to Disney?) 

Shout Outs:

Souvenirs of Kashmir (dramatic parable by Henrik Soderstrom) and Moony Lena (surreal excursions by Marlena Lampinen). 

Ellen Greider's heartfelt 'Konversationer' and 'flyttfaglar'. 

Fanzine Mot Rasism: heck yeah. 

Den Hudlosa Flickan - by multimedia marvel Kristin Eklund. 

Accessible works by Linda Pedersen (An Ordinary Week) and an intriguing novel adaptation by Tove Sorblom. There’s more, what I don’t catch in today’s notes I’ll catch in some mini-reviews. 

I wrap up the day with a huge stack of comics. And draw one of my own, with an assist from the Festival staff.

For more comics goodness? Check out this cover gallery with links to author web sites.

[FYI: Hopping on a plane tomorrow. So Day Two may follow a week from now.] :)

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squishfacestudio: I never thought we’d be silly enough to...

squishfacestudio: I never thought we’d be silly enough to actually publish a Squishface comic book, but having been funded to do so by the City of Moreland, I’m happy to announce the imminent existence of SQUISHZINE BRUNSTOWN, which is filled with stories and illustrations about BRUNSWICK ITSELF.

The artists:

  • Arran McKenna
  • Marta Tesoro
  • Nadia Toukhsati
  • Jase Harper
  • Scott Reid
  • Jess Parker
  • Ive Sorocuk
  • Martin Nixon
  • Lauren Hills
  • Ele Jenkins
  • Alex Clark
  • Teags Humm
  • Sam Wallman
  • Sarah Howell
  • Michael Fikaris
  • Gregory Mackay
  • David Blumenstein

A fabulous front cover by Ben Hutchings.

A fabulous back cover by Jo Waite.

And this book is FREE. You just need to attend the MoreArt public art launch on October 26 at the Mechanics Institute on corner of Dawson and Sydney rd. Brunswick between 2:30 - 4pm 

'Fever 2' new comic finished and ready for production. This is...

'Fever 2' new comic finished and ready for production. This is the back cover.

Comics Lifestyle Monster Blog Feed

Work In Progress: The Men Of SANDY & MANDY

SANDY & MANDY, the story I drew as an upcoming series for DARK HORSE PRESENTS, was designed specifically to pass The Bechdel Test, cartoonist and MacArthur Genius Grant recipient Alison Bechdel’s set of rules for determining if a story is sexist or not. To wit: 1. It has to have at least two women in [...]

Another Batch Of Funny Facebook Posts

David Chelsea is listening to: The Very Best of the Manhattan Transfer The Manhattan Transfer   Italians Make The Best Jews!: Jews Make The Best Italians!: I’ll bet they found that King wasn’t up to much: Nearly everybody who works in the movies has had some work done: Michael Cera is starting to look like [...]

30/30: Another Favorite Song

I am writing for 30 minutes per day this month, for 30 days (the 30/30 challenge) to help raise funds for Richard Hugo House, a center for writing in Seattle. Anyone who'd like to help me reach my $500 goal is welcome to donate to Hugo House via this page...

Today (10/13) I wrote about the #10 song on my all time favorite songs list...

"Ziggy Stardust"
performed by David Bowie

I suppose you could call this the ‘title track’ from “The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars,” a David Bowie concept album that is so well constructed, so full of youthful excitement and youthful fatalism that it grabs hold of its listeners and stays with them far beyond youth. This song is a standout on an album of standout songs.  Its lyrics tell the story of Ziggy, a fictional rockstar guitar god described by the third person narrator as being “well hung with snow white tan.” Is Ziggy really Jimi Hendrix or The Silver Surfer?  The answer is - he’s both (and neither). This is the rock music equivalent of a brightly colored1960’s Stan Lee and Jack Kirby comic book, where aliens emote, and humans gain unexpected powers. Ziggy could easily have been one of Kirby’s Inhumans (a secret, ancient race of superheroes who try unsuccessfully to blend in with us ordinary people). Envious musicians want to “crush his sweet hands,” and in a pop-Shakespearean power struggle, we learn that his band was broken up when “the kids” killed him. It presents a cautionary tale about talent and ego and fame. It’s a rock song about overblown rock stars that lives up to its own hype.



I am writing for 30 minutes per day this month, for 30 days (the 30/30 challenge) to help raise funds for Richard Hugo House, a center for writing in Seattle. Anyone who'd like to help me reach my $500 goal is welcome to donate to Hugo House via this page...

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What have been your personal cartooning/comics highlights of 2012? Starting up a little store room in my studio and printing up a new periodical DAILIES while pushing through my inhibitions of medium and painting some comics.

Christopher Downes 2012 in review

What have been your personal cartooning/comics highlights of 2012? I went to the Australian Cartoonists Association's Stanley Awards weekend for the very first time. I had to crowd fund in order to get there, but it was really fun. I got to meet a lot of heroes of mine and they turned out to be genuinely nice people.

2012 in Review: Tim Danko

What have been your personal cartooning/comics highlights of 2012? Continuing confidence in my work and processes, it is the gift that keeps on giving.

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