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Three Words Anthology - New Zealand

Three Words blog:

Three Words on Facebook:

Three Words on Twitter:

Three Words is an anthology of New Zealand women’s comics. Due for release mid-2015, the book aims to make New Zealand women comic artists and their work more visible; and to foster a sense of community through the process of its production. 

New Zealand has a rich and vibrant comics scene. Mainstream publications have recently tried to document this, but have predominantly focused on men’s comics; tending to emphasize a small number of professional high-profile male artists who advocate for a particular aesthetic and approach to comics. These books have had the effect of simultaneously generating interest in New Zealand comics, while highlighting the invisibility of women’s comics made here.

Many New Zealand women have in fact made comics over the years, although it’s often hard to find their work. There are a number of related and self-perpetuating reasons for this; the historic male-dominated nature of the comics industry generally; women’s poor representation in anthologies and the kinds of books just described; the limited support by established publishers; and the ephemeral ‘home made’ nature of the comics publishing that has occurred. Many women artists also stop making comics after only a short period.

We believe the lack of both recognition and sense of community for women comic artists in New Zealand are significant. Three Words works to help redress both of these issues.

The book is being edited by Rae Joyce, Sarah Laing, and Indira Neville, three experienced comic-makers who come from a variety of perspectives. In developing the book the editors contacted as many New Zealand women comics artists as they could, inviting them both to submit and to be part of a social media community. Both approaches have been incredibly successful; the book features 63 diverse and amazing women artists, and the Facebook group (not confined to the book’s contributors) has become a popular and thriving space and catalyst for the discussion of comics and gender-related issues.

Three Word’s ‘community-building’ aspect was also recognised by Creative New Zealand who provided the project with a significant grant. This grant will be used to pay contributors for their work. Three Words is apparently the first New Zealand comics anthology to ever do this.

Artists included in the book come from a variety of communities and backgrounds. This is reflected in the works themselves which range from highly finished professional pieces to comics-influenced fine art, and editorial, experimental works. There are also single panels, strips, and longer narratives in colour and black and white. Artists include Sharon Murdoch, Susan Te Kahurangi King, Kerry Ann Lee, Margaret Silverwood, Olga Krause, Susan Rugg, Coco Solid, Mary Tamblyn, Judy Darragh, Adele Jackson, Pritika Lal, Renee Jones, and Debra Boyask, but there are many more. Artist profiles and work examples are provided on the Three Words blog.

The book’s unity will be achieved through a unique “three words” concept. Contributors have submitted works of their own choosing, but alongside this they send in three words (any words!) These words are given to another artist to interpret in a single strip comic. This concept provides an opportunity for collaboration and for the creation of brand new pieces. Its constraints also make for a compelling and collaborative motif that will run throughout the book. 

Submissions are now closed.

New For You

Bambang Toko: "The Real Pig" [Indonesia]

Bambang Toko is a relentless producer of comics and graphic art. 

Here is a 3 page comic from him: 




If you are in Singapore, check out his Exhibition this coming weekend!

Comic (C) Bambang Toko, used with permisson.

Comics Lifestyle Monster Blog Feed

new travel zine for comic party tonight in yogyakarta

new travel zine for comic party tonight in yogyakarta

Comics Lifestyle Updates

awcomix: Finished ‘Beer, Eats’ piece. 


Finished ‘Beer, Eats’ piece. 

"Your Face Is In My Comic Book" Exhibition [Singapore / Indonesia]

"Your Face Is In My Comic Book" Exhibition [Singapore / Indonesia]:


Renowned Indonesian komikus Bambang Toko has an exhibition on the way launching October 31st:



image image


Bambang ‘Toko’ Witjaksono, Your Face Is In My Comic Book, 2014, Batik…

benhutchings: The 8 Adventures of Jesus from You Stink & I...


The 8 Adventures of Jesus from You Stink & I Don’t vol 2.

Arte Publiku

Via Michael P. Fikaris:

You love ART! You love FREEDOM! So get a load of this and help our ongoing project if you can my friends -

Michael has drawn an 80 page book of the collaboration (which you can get by contributing) to ” aise awareness and spirit of this humanitarian institution in East Timor. Please have a look and contribute what you can in the next 2 weeks for this first time Arts Festival - ARTE PUBLIKU

Comics Lifestyle Monster Blog Feed

Bat Lady

This art debuts here tonight, and is for sale in my etsy shop...


I am selling art this week to help pay my October bills...


Lots of new original art and achival digital prints are available from my etsy shop....

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