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I've got a lot going on here in Seattle on the 18th. I'm teaching two comics classes. And then there's the birthday of a fellow cartoonist I was planning to attend. Would it be all right if I did it on the 19th instead??

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Hi David, I gather the administration of it rotates, I'm not sure if there is a formal body that decides who chooses the day.
The world seems to be gearing up for the 18th.

Here in Cambodia comics are usually no more than three panels per page. If you were doing comics 'live' as you went through your day, you could adopt a simple format - probably straight-to-ink. I have some events I could attend (Obama overseas rally, etc.) and thought about that, but decided I'd better mind Comics Lifestyle as the world turns. (Plus I gots art tools in my office!)

Or you could document your busy day with a camera and settle in with photo reference to draw it the following day. You probably wouldn't qualify to get it in the eventual compilation, but then, most of us are doing it just to get the juices flowing.

If you're drawing on the 19th we'll be uploading groggily. I wouldn't sweat it.
I'll think about my strategy.

Oh, and just between you and me, those compliations are a bad idea. I'd rather have a chance to reflect on the work I've done and its print-worthiness -- instead of mailing it off IMMEDIATELY to be (possibly) printed. I hope they use wood-free paper for those. Otherwise, what a waste of trees! (sorry -- just my 2 cents).


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