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At 11:27am on July 27, 2007, Adam Ford said…
Two out of those three would have been enough. voot.
At 11:31pm on August 1, 2007, David Chelsea said…
At 10:36am on September 14, 2007, John Weeks said…
Hey David, if you could share a photo or two of Stumptown Fest that would be great! Sounds like there is more and more happening in Portland.
Sigh. Why did I ever leave?
At 11:03pm on September 14, 2007, David Chelsea said…
John, my digital camera seems to have gone missing, but maybe I'll bring my old Kodak Stereo.
At 2:18pm on November 25, 2007, Adam Ford said…
hi david. we match up bigtime! can we be friends? I'm trying to breathe some life into this ning, and i need your help!
At 5:44am on November 30, 2007, Adam Ford said…
Hi david. I don't think anyone could go past a copy of I SHALL DESTROY ALL THE CIVILIZED PLANETS, now, could they?
At 7:46am on December 2, 2007, Adam Ford said…
well, you can go wrong with porn; you'd just know pretty well ahead of time if you would be.

interesting about that fletch hanks book. i'm about to do a review of it on radio, but if it's out of print i'm not sure it's worth doing...
At 10:28am on July 25, 2008, eez nelson said…
Dear David Chelsea,
In the fall of 1978, in Portland, Oregon, Richard Vidan handed me a manuscript libretto of a play he said was by you, with the idea that I would compose the music. I did compose the music, but Mr. Vidan decided not to produce the play. Instead he starred himself in a play that allowed him to bare the breasts of the leading lady.
The copy he gave me was missing the title page, but I ran across it recently while sorting through my old piles, I mean files. The play is about some Italian peasants and involves the reform of a villain and a marriage.
I am wondering if this play is in fact by you and has it ever been produced elsewhere?
Thanks for your time, I'm just curious, I have no plans or intentions regarding this manuscript.
vancouver, wa
At 1:27pm on July 25, 2008, David Chelsea said…
It would have been unusual for the leading lady in a Portland theater production of the time not to at least bare her breasts; l hope Richard kept his clothes on. l never knew Richard went so for as to hire a composer for the play. Too bad it never went further. I wrote a lot of unproduced plays in my late teens, most of which deserve to stay buried, but my memory is that one rose above my usual level by virtue of being based on a very funny poem by W.S. Gilbert and written in my best pastiche Gilbert and Sullivan style. I've been in touch again with Richard recently, sharing memories of an actress and costume designer we both knew who died recently.
At 8:27pm on September 5, 2008, John Weeks said…
Looking forward to new site!
At 2:02am on September 16, 2008, Mauro Padovani said…
Thanks for the ADD. David! I like so much your book about Perspective! Thanks for the compliments!
You website is great! Grazie!
At 9:28pm on August 19, 2009, John Weeks said…
OMG Cowism. Must check this out.

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