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This week's Poopsheet Shop auctions:

underground comix MONDO POPEYE Bobby London 1st 1988
• underground comix R. CRUMB SKETCHBOOK Vol. 8 Fanta 1st
underground comix R. CRUMB SKETCHBOOK Vol. 9 Fanta 1st
• TEPID Spring 2000 mini-comic JOHN HANKIEWICZ
TEPID Spring 2001 mini-comic JOHN HANKIEWICZ
• underground comix OUR STORY #1 Trina RICK GEARY signed
underground comix OUR STORY 2 Peter Laird KEVIN EASTMAN
• underground comix OUR STORY #3 Wm. Loebs R.L. CRABB '88
BOOBYTIT #1 mini-comix KEVIN SCALZO lowbrow art 1994
• BOOBYTIT #2 mini-comix KEVIN SCALZO lowbrow art 1995
PALOOKA-VILLE #1 & 2 comics SETH lot 1991 first prints
• DAVE BURKE lowbrow art stickers ALFRED E. NEUMAN Batman
CINEMA SEWER #9 cult trash movies blaxploitation
• CINEMA SEWER #11 cult trash horror movies Bigfoot
CINEMA SEWER 12 cult trash movies Thora Birch bumfights
• Jack T. Chick tract parody TAKE YOUR LICKS mini-comix
Jack T. Chick tract parody mini-comix Ben T. Steckler
• ZABAWNY #5 mini-comix JAY LYNCH Carole Sobocinski 1987
XORNADAS DE BD Spanish brochure TMNT Ninja Turtles 1993

The Poopsheet Shop eBay store offers both auction and "Buy It Now" items including back issues and more recent work as well.

eBay user ID: rickobradford (minis, UGs, alternative, fanzines, etc.) (RSS)

eBay user ID: one-nostril (whatever doesn't quite fit the other ID) (RSS)

Poopsheet Shop: (RSS)

If you don't see what you're looking for, please ask.

Wantlists welcome! I also buy mini-comics collections.

Thanks for looking!

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