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THE DAGING TUMBUH, Underground Comic Art Anthology from Indonesia

The Daging Tumbuh has been published since 2000, till now there are 12 edition. The 13th edition will be released in early 2009. The man behind this unique visual art compilation is Eko Nugroho, he also well known as an artist with several art project like mural, painting, installation art and various medium of his art exploration. Eko is the President of Daging Tumbuh and maintaining this publication exist trough its reguler edition every six month. In this Daging Tumbuh compilation we will find various artist as the contributor with the various art style related to comics and visual art. Every edition of The Daging Tumbuh printed on limited edition. The Daging Tumbuh use xerox technology or photocopy machine not only for printing tool but also the basic idea of Daging Tumbuh art. The cover design use various printing techniques such as silk screen, offset printing and a little bit paper craft. There's about 200 pages less or more in every edition of Daging Tumbuh.

For more discussion forum or information please join the daging tumbuh group in komikaze site.

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