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cartoonist conspiracy SF - arm wrestling experiments inspired by the french comic book greats

Here are arm wrestling experiments that mutated into singing and dancing adventures from the Cartoonist Conspiracy San Francisco jams as well as the Rock Paper Scissors Zine Workshops. The activity of making comics is a loner's world, and collaborations don't occur so often. It's a joy to be able to jam with other artists when the opportunity arises much the same way musicians jam.

I took an excellent and highly recommended animation course with Lee Marrs at the beginning of the year, and one thing that was repetead over and over again was to simplify, simplify, simplify, especially for animations. "K.I.S.S. - Keep it Simple Stupid" extends not just to worklife but also to comics!

At the end of each exercise people agreed with me. The best best drawings look strong without all the fluff.


It's best to watch these as a slideshow, although flickr has some fine thumbnailng on the set as well.

background fan

I enjoyed filling out the background to this one.


What should they say?

This one was one page, but by the end of the evening the original artists had left and we were trying to figure out something bitingly witty to say. We couldn't do it, at least on command. New Yorker style snappy comebacks are more difficult than they appear, and they require a bit of bitterness. None of us were feeling that bitter that night.

So please comment away--what should they say? Please keep it PG-rated.

what are they saying?

Here were some of my contributions:

moving to the tenderloin

punk encounters 01

punk encounters 02

punk encounters 03

punk encounters 04

the dancing star

dancing star 01 dancing star 02

dancing star 03

dancing star 04

dancing star 05

dancing star 06 dancing star 07

the beret girl

robot & beret girl 01

robot & beret girl 02

robot & beret girl 03

coffeman and coffee filter woman

coffeman vs filer woman

ciggie girl and the mutations







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