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The 24 hour comics day will occur worldwide on October 18th. I'm signed up for it. Is anyone else going? They have places for this all over the world. It'd be interesting to see what the comics lifestyle crew can come up with!

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I'm in. Malvern Stars used to do it almost monthly in Melbourne. I wonder if anyone in Camboland would join me without a ca$h incentive.

Portland Creator David Chelsea just webbed up his 24 hour comic Jesusland.
He's one of the undisputed champions of the Rainy City. (Portlanders! We gots a P-Town group!)

The Indonesian contingent usually represents pretty well. Australians tend to do their own 24 hour comics gig on the Queen's Birthday weekend, earlier in the year.

At the moment Comix Lifestyle is a bit more like a temporary autonomous zone. (Or a nightclub with uneven gigs and attendance.) People may need an incentive or a boot in the butt to climb on board.
Ciao John!
Thank you for your message and for the congrats for my child :D
you are very Kind.

So, you are putting up a new Comic "Contest" or something?
We call it "Sfida Pusciastova" "Pusciastova Challenge" that is the same thing: we create the topic of the month and we challenge between us, making this draw and putting it on the blog just to laugh and have some fun.

I've sent your message for the challenge of october 18th to all my lovely ladies on the Pusciastova and so I hope they will join this awesome thing :D
I would really like to join, but I can't :( some artworks to put on until october and my son of course, it's really hard for women cartoonist to have both things, I mean family life and good job.

Till soon, my fellow artist and
good luck for all :*
Patty Pusciastova ^__-
Many thanks! "to laugh and have some fun" is essential.

For readers who are not familiar, 'Pusciastova' are a fast-growing group of visual artists in Italy. (The name comes from a linguistic pun that they are all Russian sisters.) They have a blog, art blog and now a forum!

I have emailed a request for to be an official 24 Hour Comics Day site.

Maybe we should put out a call to design a logo: 'Comics Lifestyle 24 Hour Challenge'. Hmm....


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