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At 12:43pm on July 19, 2007, Miss Helen said…
Hi JW! I think I was exposed to Let's Sing Songs About and Inspired by Quickdraw at a crucial point in my development, and as such, it is stuck in my head on a regular basis, and often rewritten for any circumstance I'm in. I will think of some examples later.
At 10:32am on July 20, 2007, Alice Mrongovius said…
Hey John - hmm I'm kinda liking this - a bit more involving .... hopefully soon I will be able to kill my facebook account.... anway will have a play and get back to you
At 10:03pm on August 19, 2007, Killerstraw said…
Like the logo. Looks like a nice place to be.
At 5:59am on September 14, 2007, Tim Molloy said…
thanks john! will do!
At 12:43pm on September 27, 2007, shannon wheeler said…
thanks. I'm looking ofrward to the Stumptown con myself. This is the first time I've been involved in organizing. It's an interesting experience.

Nope. No mp3s of the opera for a while. I like that it's a live event. There are a couple short bits up on youtube, but it's pretty minimal.
At 3:17am on October 13, 2007, Kaichi Satake said…
Hi, John! Thanks very much for the welcome. This is a really cool place, and I look forward to spending more time exploring it and having fun!
At 10:06am on October 15, 2007, Leigh Rigozzi said…
Hey John,
Tasmania doesn't have anything else to do, so we just draw comics all day.
Have you got any new comics out? Wanna do a trade?
At 5:00pm on October 23, 2007, Andrew Fulton said…
Thanks John, I've been meaning to sign up for a while. Go ahead and add the feed, if you like.
At 12:01am on October 25, 2007, Esbjorn Jorsater said…
Nice site. I´m gonna give a presentation of swedish comics as soon I have the time.
At 12:22am on October 30, 2007, Iris said…
Thanks, John.
I really appreciate the welcome, but please, don't use an automatic translator... here's what to said to me: "good come to Comics Lifestyle!
This is kind of experience, we'll sees what emerges.
I be very happy to see some more international members, I use the website because you likes!"
These automatic things are not very good.
Best wishes,
At 3:58pm on November 1, 2007, nick said…
hi john
i really liked sexy phone im interested to hear how an american comic artist ended up in phnom penh
At 9:56pm on November 17, 2007, Dimitris Galanis said…
Hi John :)

Yes i have a blog
( )

You like it ?

'' stin tripa '' is '' in the hole ''

( Welcome to the Rabbit Hole ;)

and is a comics newspaper in Greece .


At 12:52pm on November 22, 2007, Saria said…
Hey thanx 4 the welcome John! :)I haven't as yet read any other Talbot titles... I just LOVED 'the tale of one bad rat' as it is a beautifuly crafted story and I have a lovely little white rattus as a companion 2! :)
At 4:26am on February 1, 2008, Toby Morris said…
Hey man! You're in cambodia right? My girlfriend and I are going to be travelling through, probably in march (we'll be in SE asia feb, mar and april, I'm guessing we'll be in cambodia in the middle of the trip?) - would be awesome to meet up, I'll bring you a parcel of new comics I've just finished!
At 3:43am on February 4, 2008, LOUIS CANNIZZARO said…
thanks for the welcome! i'm kinda new to this i only read a few comics right now..but i'm getting many new ideas from visiting everyones pages..PS the dark horse creepy and eerie reprints coming this april is like a dream come true for me.

At 12:02am on February 15, 2008, Patrizia said…
thank you John, I hope so :)
It's only the beginning, for now we are very few!!
But wow, this is a very nice community, I really like it!!
How many talented boys and girls, this can only isnpire us!! Very good interchange :) till soon dear fellow artist John!
At 12:41am on February 16, 2008, Patrizia said…
Hi John, how are you?
Thank you for the req, it's a real pleasure and honor to be here in this community of artists and creatives :D
Have a nice day!!
Patty :)
At 6:39pm on March 6, 2008, tim danko said…
hi hi john
i got big versions of my rehab stuff up here:
will dig around for adding a post to the lifestyle
(i know i have those details in an email from you somewhere)
i also pumped the whole rehab phenomenon to tom spurgeon at comics reporter but haven't had a good run with getting them to review/notice anything.

also posted it on some secret chat rooms i know about, see if the wordpess/rehab gets a spike from it.
At 3:43am on March 7, 2008, David Wolfe said…
Thanks, John, and yes they are...
I'd love to set up a regional group, but I'm in a "dry" area I think. Great place thought! I keep trying to rake them in.
At 10:32pm on March 7, 2008, Josh Blair said…
Hey, John,

Candy or Medicine has a rolling, open submission policy. Basically anyone can submit, granted they follow the guidelines outlined on the Web site, and I'll publish them on a first come, first served basis.



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