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we had a fundraising thing at my wife indiras' school and i did all the 'branding' for it... a bi-annual contest for the brave and foolhardy. This year it was 'barrier blokes', two years ago it was 'barrier babes' (we live on great barrier island). So heres the 'merch'....

...the poster

...the t-shirt

...the crystal glass ware


just in time for christmas! I printed the t-shirt in my garrage!

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Comment by Michael p Fikaris on February 3, 2009 at 9:10pm
soooo goood!
and in the gagrage - where all the magic happens.
got any left tim? we must be due for mail bombing
got a bunch of 'non-merch' for you too...

best to you out there xm
Comment by tim danko on February 16, 2009 at 4:04pm
hi hi sorry 2 take so long to get back we moved house (on the island, further up a mountain in bush).

i am doing a little print 2 or 3 shirts cleaning up some missed orders so i will print you one if you don't mind on 2nd hand shirt. Not much else to send... a few bits. Indira has a new actual comik. I may have one out in next two months. I scratch my balls (metaphorically). I want to make product so will keep youse up dated. will send when new cimok printed? is that cewl? or you want t-shirt now now?

having a hole in my ear patched so surgery may delay plans for anything
Comment by Michael p Fikaris on February 18, 2009 at 10:46am
hey yeh - second hand shirt i can wait for. bonus! so, whats ya new address then? write me at if thats better or whatever too... send you some stuff first then.

Sounds like life in the bush is movin up (well, maybe you gettin further away?) and you finally healed your ear from all that trash yelled into it eh(ouch!) Hope it all goes well in there Tim.
yay to new comics, can't wait to see 'em! Your Hymn book exercise was damn impressive on the eyeballs!

There's a deadline fer 20th DTM (toronto) April 1st if u wanna contribute something...
Plus a cuppla 'art phag' books here too if ya keen...( both due about same time) be great to see your comics in there too. i really don't see enough comics that inspire locally, now you are gone. Sigh!
I am curating only one show this year, which will be artists I know who have never drawn a comic. Each will be commissioned to do two pages. So look for that later in the year...blah blah blah

Umm, yeah, but write you soon on email my old friend.
Best to you good folk x
Great to hear from you
enjoy the new set-up

Love n disses
m pee


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