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christchurch earthquake comic call out

funtime are putting out an earthquake comic which will be ace cause funtime comics always have the warmth of true humanity about them.... its a good thing to do and support.


Heres the guff:


Funtime Comics will be releasing a special Earthquake Relief issue, with all proceeds going to the Red Cross.

We'd like to get a really wide selection of New Zealand and international artists on board. Please also help us get the word out, and forward this on to anyone you think might be interested. And if you're not sure, yes, we would like your work too, no matter what your level of experience or how far removed you feel from events.

Please note the short lead time. We want to have the issue available for the two Armageddon conventions in April, assuming that the Christchurch one goes ahead in some form, so that we can reach a wide public.

Submission guidelines:
• Submissions are due 21 March 2011.
• Comics should in some way address the 2011 Christchurch earthquake, even if peripherally. Original work would be preferred.
• We'd prefer each piece to be 1-4 pages long, so we can fit in plenty of artists. This is flexible if the work demands it, but longer pieces will be harder to fit in.
• Funtime is published in an A5 portrait format (148 mm wide, 210 mm high) format. We can take submissions in other sizes and shapes, but they'll be shrunk to fit this size. Be careful that your lettering will still be readable at this size - people hate having to use a magnifying glass to read their comics.
• Black and white only. We won't have time for close control of tones, so it's best if your artwork have plenty of contrast.
• For digital submissions, make sure the file names include numbers to show their order. Scan to at least 600dpi. We can handle most bitmap formats, and PDF or Adobe Illustrator CS3 or earlier.
• For paper submissions, write your name on the back of each page as well as a page number if your contribution is longer than one page, so we don't get the order wrong. Post to 15B Lothian Street, Ilam, Christchurch 8041. At the time of writing the postal service isn't operating in Christchurch, but we expect it to be back soon. Please don't use our PO box, as it's inside the security cordon and we can't access it.
• Please try not to send any work that might get us arrested. Nudity and adult themes are acceptable within reason. We usually aim to be suitable for mature teenagers and older.
• Include contact details, and biographical information with your submission. A small self-portrait is also handy.
• Submission of artwork is taken to imply that the contributor gives permission for their work to be published, and that short excerpts may be used for the promotion of the anthology as the editor sees fit. If you have specific requirements for how your work should be used, please let us know.

Funtime Comics is a loose non-profit collective of artists. We're based in Christchurch, New Zealand, with contributors from around the world. We've been publishing the Funtime Comics Anthology on a semi-regular basis for twenty years. We gather for monthly workshops, where we drink tea, draw comics and make somewhat civilised conversation. We publish work from people of all ages and levels of comics-making experience, and we make lots of shared jam comics.

Ōtautahi/Christchurch in New Zealand's second largest city. On 22 February 2011 it was hit by a devastating earthquake, causing massive damage and many deaths. At the time of writing, large parts of the city are without drinking water, power or sewerage outflow. Military, police and aid agencies from around the world are assisting with relief and rescue efforts.

Isaac Freeman
Editor, Funtime Comics

twitter @isaacfreeman

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