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Welcome! You've found your way to the very first blog for the graphic novel, "Red Moon"! The book isn't coming out until early 2009, but by visiting/participating in this blog, you'll get to see just how this groundbreaking graphic novel is being created. You can also find this blog located on Red Moon's official site at Our goal with the blog is to bring fans of comic books, fantasy, sci-fi and just good old fashioned storytelling closer to the creative process. You're going to get sneak peaks, inside info and…there will be contests! In fact, there's an amazing contest for you to enter today! (but more on that in a bit) This blog will be updated by author/artist of "Red Moon", David McAdoo and producer Steve Kozak. Here's David to tell you a little bit about his ideas and influences behind the book.

"Red Moon is really the culmination of several ideas I've had tumbling around in my head for years. The most important being our ability, or lack thereof, to communicate with animals. Animals give us signals all the time to our surroundings but we seem to misinterpret them or miss them altogether. Scientists are researching all the time on how to detect natural disasters in time to save lives, meanwhile hardly any animals died in the Sri Lanka tidal waves a few years back because all the free animals moved inland days before it hit. That sounds like a pretty good early warning system. Sure, we can teach dogs and other domesticated animals all kinds of tricks and duties to help the disabled, and we can teach Koko the gorilla sign language and have actual conversations with another species, but why can't we define their communications to us? In Red Moon I wanted to show some of these same ideas and questions but from the animals' perspective.

The story begins in the suburbs of the midwest but then literally spans the globe. Two dogs, Mox and Daeden, go on a cross-country journey meeting characters and villains at every turn. I'm a huge fan of taking a personal story and mounting it on a massive-scale background and trying to make it work. Stemming probably most rudimentarily from my love of the classic Greek myths and legends, some of the most epic stories ever told, but definitely and most notably from the story arcs of the comics and films of my childhood. Most obviously an influence on the Red Moon story is the two animated features "The Secret of NIMH" and "Watership Down". Both epic tales in their own right, but more importantly to note is the seriousness they took with storylines and the "talking animal" sub-genre. It wasn't until I recognized what impact those two movies had on me that I knew I could write something like "Red Moon".

Hey everyone! This is Steve, the producer of "Red Moon". David will be back in in future blogs with more insight into the ideas behind this fantastic story. But for now, we'd love to get some feedback on what you'd like to see. Do you want to hear more about the plot and characters? More drawings? What is it YOU'D like to see in these blogs? Perhaps some early production conceptual drawings like this one? Let us know!


And it's a doozy! How great would it be if you had the very first copy of the graphic novel "300″ in your hands? What if you had the absolute, very first printed copy of "V for Vendetta", "Stardust" or "Watchmen" in your possesion? We're not talking the first edition. We're talking FIRST BOOK EVER OFF OF THE PRINTING PRESS! It doesn't get much more first than that! And what if the artist personalized that very first book just for you? Yeah, like that could ever happen. Well, now it can! This contest is for the absolute, very first printed book of "Red Moon" and artist/author David McAdoo will sign and personalize it just for you. You're gonna have one hot book in your hands! Here's how to enter: Just send an email to with the subject heading FIRST CONTEST. That's it! Your email won't be put on any spam list, we won't give it to anyone else and you won't be put onto any mailing list either. In one month (May 15th) we'll print out all the email addressees, put them in a hat and pick a winner! So send us that email today for your chance to win! And don't forget, leave us a comment on what you'd like to see in upcoming posts.

See ya' next blog!

David and Steve

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