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Hello All,

Step by step we are getting Comics Lifestyle closer to being more of a self-maintained site.
It'll still take many months, and the final version will probably look nowhere near what had been originally envisioned. (As it should.)

First off, some of our new members may not be aware we have a mailing list. Want in?Want off? You're in charge. Zap me a note.

We now have a dedicated flickr account.
You can even email photos directly for upload.

We are also on MySpace.
We're not exclusive, we're going for a 'big tent'. What filters through to the main site though is another matter.

Facebook too:

Got an event? We can schedule it at
(This is by far one of the more confusing applications; it takes a little figuring out.)

We've also got a linklog,

For the 'Monster Blog Feed' just say the word and we'll plug your words in to
So far Mandy Ord, Leigh Rigozzi, Mean Comics and numerous others have signed on. It's a pretty handy tool.

As regards adding video, or setting up a profile page
you'll need to register for the site. Takes about two minutes, don't hesitate to give it a try - or send feedback if it's confusing.

As always, just send us info and we'll whack it up. Don't hesitate to share with other aspiring comicists.

Australian, Indian, Estonian; we are global.

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Livejournal Feed is updated:
(Hmm... there seem to be a LOT of comickers on Livejournal.)
Many of our comickers are doing animation! Here is a fresh new YouTube Account:
Dang video is slow on my connection.


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